Easy updates for your Hugo blog using Caddy

Previously I wrote about my initial plan for creating this blog using Hugo. This is a brief post on how to make it super easy to deploy updates to your blog. In fact, as easy as a git commit! All it takes is pushing your latest changes for your blog to your git repository, and it shows up automatically on your live site. Please note, this post assumes familiarity with Docker. [Read More]

Hosting my new blog with Hugo

Welcome to manse.cloud, my home in the cloud! In the last few days I’ve decided it’s time to start my own blog, so here we are! This blog is intended to contain a mix of topics such as programming/technology, philosophy, and other random thoughts, with an emphasis in that order (primarily technology). In making this decision, I found myself asking the question, “Do I really want to use Wordpress?". For my work, I run a small but growing software development company, where we focus mostly on integrating systems and creating internal tools (usually in the form of web-apps). [Read More]